Carton Packing Machine



Specially design for carton packing for beer, beverage, bottled Water, medicament, food etc bottle (cans)production line. Carton wrapping Saves 1/5 cost than traditional packing type.


Adopt known hot melt equipment, easy for operation, durable using.

Linear feeding bottles and feeding cardboard system, reliable pneumatics and advanced electronic control technology.

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Specially designed for bulk packaging of beer, fruit juice, mineral water, dairy,condiment; all sorts of drinks and beverages with or without bottom support.

Unique film layoff mechanism and constant tension film conveyor are adopted, featuring instantaneous film cutting, automatic film connecting and wrapping and higher strength after shrinking packing.


Independent research and development shaking setting for bottle-dividing, none status for blocking and bearing bottle, smooth transport. Equipped servo motor control system, bottle-feeding, film feeding, film cutting and film wrapping are accurate, synchronous, stable and reliable. National invention patent [ZL 2012 1 0247079.9] “ultrathin film system”,use ultra-thin PE film with faster speed and stable.