Cartion  Packing Machine


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Specially design for carton packing for beer, beverage,bottled water,medicament,food etc. Bottle(can) production line.cardboard wrapping saves 1/5 cost than traditional packing type.


Machine adopts human-computer interaction interface, improve every control function of the wrapped package. can automatically detect error and automatically display information, convenient for maintenance and guidance.


The machine adopts well-known electrical control system and well-known servo control system, stable work, high efficiency.

Reasonable cardboard feeding structure, cardboard from slope to level status by group, controlled by the servo motor to place sheet one by one, cardboard supply stable.


Adopt straight structure, wide side feeding type, carton paste place at left and right side, press time is long, carton is more firm. Adopt well-known hot melt adhesive equipment, easy for operation, durable using. packaging effect is artistic and easy for storage.