TRAY Packing Machine



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This model is suitable for PET, PP bottles, glass bottles and Tetra Pak. It is easy to change and is suitable for a variety of combined packaging methods.

The conveyor belt separation system of this machine makes it more convenient to adjust the height after changing the bottle type packaging method, making the bottle conveying system smoother and not jammed.


The thrust of the bottle separating system is reduced to a minimum, preventing the occurrence of squeezing and bursting of bottles.

The use of double-cylinder bottle blocking and special shaped baffle structure can realize the fixed number of bottles between channels, such as 3X4 bottles.

Compared with traditional models, this model has a reasonable design and saves space.

Imported hot-melt adhesive equipment is used to make the operation more convenient and concise, and the equipment is durable. The product packaged by this equipment has beautiful appearance and is convenient for storage and transportation.