High Level Palletizer

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As the supporting equipment of the rear packaging machinery, the high level stacker is applicable to the stacking of carton, iron bucket, shrink film, plastic bag and other products.


Adopting the industry's advanced layer-by-layer stacking design concept, the structure is more advanced, and the movement is more portable and stable.


With PLC program control and frequency conversion speed regulation, carton conveying, sorting, stacking, pallet unloading and stacking output can be realized automatically.


The whole machine has extremely high safety and powerful diagnosis function, multiple safety design and fault instant display function, which ensures personal safety and fast and simple maintenance.

The adjustment of stacking mode is convenient and simple, and can be carried out on the man-machine interface. Several stacking modes can be completed without replacing stacking parts in case of failure.


High-level stacking can make full use of three-dimensional space, and the platform can become a logistics or personnel channel without being blocked by the conveyor line.