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This model is suitable for PET, PP bottles, glass bottles and Tetra Pak. It is easy to change the bottle containers and it is suitable for a variety of combined packaging methods.

The automatic opening and assembly machine system consists of an integrated method of unpacking and packing: simplifying the transportation, reducing the investment cost of the whole line equipment, and reducing the footprint area.


Adopt four-stage decompression: the product is fully decompressed, so that the bottle grabbing head and the product are aligned accurately, and the product is in a stable conveying state after entering the packing process to avoid the phenomenon of bottle falling.

Adopt German IGUS linear positioning system: high positioning accuracy, accurate motion action, effectively reduce shock and vibration during equipment operation, and greatly improve equipment operation stability and reliability;


For liquid food packaging, it is the first to introduce an all-in-one model, single-person operation, convenient maintenance and long service life.