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YCTD Factory Introduction: Pioneering the Liquid Food Secondary Packaging Solutions

YCTD is a high-tech enterprise focusing on liquid food secondary packaging solutions. This blog will take you into YCTD's factory and appreciate the company's style!


Welcome to the world of YCTD Factory! In this plog, we will introduce you to YCTD, a leading manufacturer in the field of liquid food secondary packaging solutions. With 22 years of relentless research and core technology accumulation, YCTD has earned global recognition and trust, becoming the preferred partner for numerous renowned brands. Let's explore the advanced technologies and innovative achievements of YCTD in the liquid food packaging industry.


YCTD: A Beacon of Innovation

Founded in 2001, YCTD has emerged as a significant player in the liquid food industry. As one of China's top ten enterprises in the light industry's liquid food machinery sector, YCTD has been honored with multiple accolades and is highly regarded for its integrity and contractual commitments. Moreover, YCTD is a member of authoritative associations such as the China Packaging Federation and China Brewing Industry Association. Internationally, YCTD serves nearly 8,000 companies worldwide.


State-of-the-Art Facilities

YCTD has two research and manufacturing bases located in Beijing and Daming, Hebei province. The Beijing headquarters serves as the center for new technology research and project engineering marketing, while the Daming base focuses on manufacturing, emphasizing standardized, refined, and high-quality production, as well as nurturing new product technologies. The Daming factory covers an area of over 400 acres and is divided into the South and North zones. The North zone includes the membrane plant and water plant, showcasing a complete bottled water production line.


Factory Highlights


Sheet Metal Craftsmanship:The Path to Precision Processing

Sheet metal craftsmanship is a critical link in modern packaging manufacturing, providing products with precise shapes and robust structures. In Workshop 4, we witness advanced sheet metal processing equipment. Two Dazu laser cutting machines, like the magical pens of craftsmen, can precisely cut sheet metal with smooth edges and an accuracy of up to ±3 microns, ensuring flawless products. The CNC sheet metal bending machine adds flexibility, accurately bending the cut parts to the desired angle with an error of only ±1 mm.


Machining:The Perfect Fusion of Craftsmanship and Efficiency

In Workshop 3, machining technology adds exquisite craftsmanship to the packaging process. With equipment like the gantry planer, CNC machining center, wire-cut EDM, and external cylindrical grinder, workers skillfully produce components for product frames, shaft conveyors, and supports. The high-precision equipment ensures stable product quality, and robotics significantly enhances production efficiency, truly achieving "smart manufacturing."

Blister Packaging : The Beauty of Intelligent Assembly

Entering Workshop 2, we encounter the beauty of intelligent assembly in blister packaging. It's a bustling center for assembly, where workers, with abundant mechanical knowledge and technical skills, systematically connect components according to precise assembly sequences and process flows. During the debugging stage, specialized testing equipment ensures the blister packaging machine's proper functioning and excellent packaging results. Offering various packaging formats, such as single-sheet blister packaging, paper tray with blister, and blister with paper tray, Workshop 2 flexibly adapts to different product packaging needs.


Cartoning Machines:Efficient Assurance of Intelligent Packaging

Workshop 1 is where cartoning machines are assembled, responsible for various types of cartoning machine assembly tasks. In the modern packaging industry, cartoning machines play a crucial role in achieving rapid and efficient product cartoning. With diverse models such as the linear wrap-around cartoner, drop-style cartoner, and grab-style cartoner, cartoning becomes more intelligent and efficient. Additionally, for special packaging formats like Tetra Pak, Workshop 1 has designed dedicated cartoning machines, providing personalized solutions.


Palletizing Robots:Automated and Intelligent Stacking

Finally, we arrive at Workshop 5, dedicated to automated and intelligent palletizing. The significance of palletizing robots in the packaging industry is self-evident, as they realize automated stacking and palletizing operations. The three main product series in this workshop include the gantry palletizing robot, column palletizing robot, and robotic palletizer. They adapt to products of different sizes and weights, ensuring high stability, reliability, and precision. The outstanding performance of palletizing robots brings higher efficiency and a more intelligent experience to the packaging industry.


The YCTD Factory is a hub of cutting-edge technology and innovation. Through constant pursuit of packaging technology advancement and unwavering dedication, YCTD has earned the trust and admiration of customers worldwide. With a vision to continue leading the liquid food packaging industry, YCTD aspires to be the future frontrunner in the field. Whether you need reliable backend packaging equipment or innovative packaging solutions, YCTD stands as your preferred partner.



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